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I am a writer and media liaison with a history in website development and customer service. Because of my varied (if not transitory) interests and studies, I have a lot of basic knowledge about a lot of subjects, but my focus is on transferable business skills (e.g. sales, Spanish) and being the future, male Rosemary Ellis (question mark?). I think business goes much more smoothly with diplomatic, effective, and targeted messaging – a learned skill that I would like to offer to those whose understanding is more based in the bottom-line.

I have been operating my own businesses since I was 18, starting with my favorite failure, MNP Hoppal: a company dedicated to helping small businesses with website development and marketing services (I soon realized I was no more a marketer than I was a fortune teller).

As an enthusiastic and energetic child of the Internet, I have a lot of projects going on at any one time. Right now:

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I am a member of the Gamma Omega chapter of the Delta Mu Delta honor society. I took some of the most challenging classes my school had to offer, completed 24 credit hours in one semester, and made the President's List (at the same time).

Within my degree I took classes on marketing, communications, technical and professional writing, information systems, human resources, economics, management, finance, and accounting.

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Staff Writer, Resident Advocate, Data Entry Clerk

Help End Abuse for Life/The Nest (November 2012 — Present)

Conducted interviews and wrote releases for publication in local, state, and national news outlets; worked with Executive Director to develop and communicate a main message; launched and published a monthly email newsletter; helped run and publicize an awards ceremony, a golf tournament, and several more fundraising and awareness events.


"I love your goofiness and enthusiasm!"

— Coleen Widell, Executive Director, Help End Abuse for Life

Front Desk Agent

Best Western Pine Springs Inn (May 2012 — January 2013)

Main customer service representative for a 98-room hotel; training incoming employees; immediate supervisor for back-of-house including housekeeping and maintenance; coordinating groups; selling reservations and the Best Western Rewards program.


Michael is a super hero

— Amber Garner, General Manager, Best Western Pine Springs Inn

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My favorite articles:

Elks Lodge Press Releases:

Be sure to visit my blog for lengthy samples.

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I am in love with the few, the proud, the achievers. I think the more passionate you are about your company and your ideas, the better off you'll end up being.

I also love: